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Why Oversized Postcards Make a Difference

Sure, you might be saving a little more per piece when printing on a smaller postcard, but when it comes to mailing, larger postcards can save you more money than what you would save printing standard size postcards.

HOW TO: Mailing a Postcard

There are 2 types of mailings that have a minimum mailing requirement from the USPS. Standard mail requires a minimum of 200 pieces for the bulk rate discount, and First Class will require a minimum of 500 pieces. If you are sending a postcard under these quantities, they will need first-class stamps, and the price of the stamp will be dictated by the size of your postcard.

Business Envelope Size and Types

This list is the most common type of business envelopes. Most of the envelopes above can have subcategories attached to them, offering more types for that size of envelopes, such as paper type, color, seal, and flap, to name a few.

HOW TO: Design A Business Card

Whatever the preference you desire in a business card, we believe that this “How to design a business card” will help guide you through the process of getting your design ready for print and on budget. ( Unless, of course, you are a company that can do without a business card ) But then you wouldn’t be here, right?